Episode 6: Opera Memphis: Ned Canty and Michael Sakir


Memphis Machine gets classy and goes to the Opera, Opera Memphis. We speak with Michael Sakir (conductor) and Ned Canty (director). These gentlemen are titans of opera and a joy to talk to. We have a very enlightening discussion about opera and its relevance in Memphis. Enjoy.

8:00  Ned’s philosophy of opera and music in general…and he is “trained in fear?” And oh those jaded hipsters.

11:45  Jonathan calls Ned out! “What, if any, is the difference between musical theatre and opera?” Ned expertly breaks this down for us.

17:09  You cannot say you have not heard opera. Michael Sakir!

20:20  An opera testimony. Opera Memphis promotes an open door environment. Come see an open rehearsal!!! Napoleon and opera?

26:14  Memphis musicians’ and vocalists’ roll in Opera Memphis and the life of an opera singer.  

33:20  “Thirty Days of Opera”

38:45  “The Playground King”

43:25   The Summer Conservatory for Teens and other outreach

46:20  Omakase, staying relevant, and Memphis music and musicians in Opera Memphis.

55:10  Opera Memphis partners with…wait for it…the United States Department of Defense.

58:40  What are your hopes for Memphis



Ned’s TED Talk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1IzKcpPW3w